Building the ‘City house’

‘Proper repository for the records, books, and papers (and also a place for) every Lord Mayor to make his entertainment and his public business’

With these words Town Clerk Darcy Preston, sowed the seeds for the ‘City House’ to be built in 1724.

Gibbs book of Architecture

The corporation bought themselves ‘Gibbs book of architecture’ in 1727 to assist them in the design of the building and its details. The use of such ‘pattern books’ was common and details from the book can be seen in the house today.


The earliest image of York Mansion House is from Francis Drakes great historical work Eboracum completed in 1736. Drake summed up the house as a 'neat and convenient building and grand enough’.

The house hasn't been greatly altered throughout its three centuries. The Opening Doors restoration project has allowed for an authentic Georgian kitchen to be put back in place as well as minimising modern features such as radiators and electrical sockets.