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What's On

What's on

Learn the steps, etiquette and social history of English country dancing in York’s very own Georgian gem… the York Mansion House. There is something new in every lesson, from ball etiquette to Jane Austen! Tickets released here, mid-February with the first dance starting in March.

Hobs are little household faeries (old English) that have been haunting Yorkshire homes for centuries. There have been hobs in the Mansion House since it was built in 1725! They are extremely friendly and like to help with the cleaning and the chores... but they also have a mischievous side!

Join us at York Mansion House to help find our little friends and complete some fun Hob-stacles! The Hob Trail is included in admission.

Plan your visit online and find out more about admissions, getting to Mansion House and our opening times.

York Mansion House has a rich chocolate History to explore. We will be celebrating our cocoa roots with chocolate workshops and tours this Easter. Check back soon for further details and to book tickets for our Easter events.