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The Opening Doors Restoration Project

The Opening Doors Restoration Project

A view of a portrait of The Railway King from below.

In 2018, the house opened fully to the public for the first time in its history. This was thanks to a National Lottery Heritage Fund grant, City of York Council funding and a number of private grants and donations, which enabled a long-awaited restoration to take place to restore this architectural gem to its former glory.

The project completely transformed the space. Prior to the restoration, Lord Mayors lived and worked throughout the whole house – it was a home, with bedrooms and sitting rooms nestled alongside the grand State Room. However, in order to make the unique history of the house more accessible and open to all, the house was opened up and transformed to make a beautiful multi-functional events space and visitor attraction.

This project saw the development of some of our most famous spaces – the Historic Kitchen, Silver Galleries, and a complete repair and restoration of the incredible State Room.

Opening Doors stands for the intention of the project: to open the house up to all, to welcome, educate and entertain.

Some views of the Mansion House before the restoration