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The Historic Kitchen

The Historic Kitchen

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Once a working home kitchen and now a fully-functional, recreated 18th century kitchen. Welcome to our ultimate hidden gem.

During the restoration, this tired and long-used kitchen was transformed, using expert advice and first-hand knowledge to restore the space back to its former glory. You will find the kitchen below stairs, occupying its rightful place as the origin of all of the decadent banquets hosted at the Mansion House over the years. It shares the basement floor with the butler's pantry and original pantry meat stores.

The kitchen is completely open for you to explore and enjoy. Throughout the year our house team take it over delivering 18thcentury cooking demonstrations and workshops, all of which can be added to a tour or event. There is even an interactive section, where you can prepare and cook your own (digital) 18th century meal.


Feasting is what we do best, and no feast was as noteworthy as that of Lord Mayor’s Day in 1785. The house played host to 149 guests and had an alcohol budget of £42 and 4 shillings, which is roughly equal to £3,663 today, and was two thirds of a skilled tradesman's annual wages!

Recipes and Videos

While there is plenty to discover at the house, we wanted to share a bit of our foodie heritage with you from the comfort of your own home.

Visit our YouTube channel for some edible inspiration, or click on any of the recipes below and try your hand at some 18th century creations of your own. Don’t forget to share any images with us on social media using the hashtag #MHMakes.


Easter Tansy with Dr Annie Grey

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There is plenty to discover at York Mansion House

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